Welcome to Spinning Cogs, Inc.

Our reason for being is that we needed a Montana based business to conglomerate our various enterprises. Mark works for a number of upper end clothing manufacturers for the bulk of his day and Katie builds and maintains websites for eight local companies.

Spinning Cog's name came to Katie when on a trip together with Mark. It was his neice's graduation and once again, she listened to her husband calculating. When asked what he was doing, his reply was that he'd figured out how many seats were available in the auditorium and found that they were far over quota for fire regulations posted on the wall. Katie asked, "Doesn't your brain ever stop?!" Obviously, the answer was "No."

Spinning Cogs is a representation of the numerous times Katie has had to wonder what her husbands mind was doing on any given day, at any given moment. She lives with the distracted mind and enjoys every minute of it.